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Yes, I don't know about the matter. I just know about how I can watch for example an Xbox using one cable or another, even I found the difference between using componet or vga, and it was 1080i vs 1080p; that's why I was asking to know the difference between using scart rgb or Dvi.

Ok, so let's think in the 1600x1200, 62.5Hz Pal using Dvi and the MKII in a future. Which is the resolution without it and using the rgb Scart? I think it's a good thing to know, as in my Led Tv I can see the interlaces modes (although don't know how it does either).

And sorry for my poor knowledges, but just want to know the difference as I can't (still) watch it. Well, perhaps a HD video could show it.

EDIT: Sorry, I was asking what I already know: my actual resolution using rgb scart is 1372x544, 50Hz (Pal Super High-Res Laced). So the point to compare is that of 1600x1200, 62.5 Hz. That's what I wanted to know. Thanks.

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