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I knew I didn't like Quake3 ever since I got to see a glimpse of it when my brother was playing it. I only recently bought it in a compilation of Quake1-3 and only because I needed it to play a mod with someone I know online. Worst money spent on a game I think,,,well apart from Daikatana which I was stupid enough to buy even if it was in the bargain bin at 5. There are just some games a low price can't save.

I bought Unreal tournament shortly after it was released and was happy with that game. Plenty of interesting mods, somehow all the Q3 mods played like shit. And the original levels weren't the "let's see how many levels we can make with brown, rust and gray" design. Besides the UT bots were much better since they designed Q3 to be primarily for multiplayer. So they did with UT but at least bothered thinking of the guys without internet connection.
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