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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Which is the resolution the MKII has using Dvi/Hdmi, 1080i, 1080p...? And which is the resolution using the common scart cable without Indi?
You're just throwing standard names, but I have a feeling you don't understand what they mean.

1080 means 1080 lines, and that in turn would mean that the screen is at least 1440 pixels wide. Now the 1080 video standards are cinema-format 16:9, so we're talking 1920 pixels on the X-axis. With SHires being the best pixelclock from the Amiga, you'd have to make a line that's longer than chipmem-refresh would allow. If you go by the book, then going beyond 1536 pixels on AGA chipset means reducing the refresh rate below what's allowed for the memory chips used in the Amiga. You'd lose pixels every now and then, sound breaks, mouse pointer gets corrupted and floppy operations become impossible. In short: The computer becomes unusable.

The question for 1080i is kind of pointless for a flickerfixer: The "i" stands for "interlace", and the flickerfixer's job is to turn any mode into a "p" mode (progressive scan).

Ratte's 800x600 mode for Indivision ECS already tickles the limit - he uses the trick of reduced sync areas in order to stay within chipset limits. It may be possible to port this mode to AGA and turn it into a 1600x1050 screen for AGA chipsets and have Indivision AGA MK2 output this as 1680x1050@60Hz (with black borders left and right). This would be the absolute maximum of what the hardware of Indivision AGA MK2 can do: That mode will require 147MHz pixelclock for output and more than 467 MBytes per second memory performance. Possible, yes, but currently not supported and no date when it will be supported (if we can ever support it with the DVI-chip - I didn't get it to lock at that high pixel clock yet, so no promises beyond 135MHz output pixel clock).

To get you back on the ground (and those who are already dreaming of 1600x1200), I'd like to repeat that the initial release version of Indivision AGA MK2 will do LESS than the MK1 design does. Only DVI-out will be the advantage over the old design. I will of course continue to work on flash-updates to add screenmodes and output modes, and you'll be able to install them with the flashtool, but it's nothing you can expect within the first weeks after release of the product.

Again: The only two modes I guarantee for the first release are:

PAL input screenmode with 62.5Hz VGA/DVI output screenmode
NTSC input screenmode with 75Hz VGA/DVI output screenmode

Both these output screenmodes use 71.5MHz output pixelclock (S-Hires pixelclock times 2.5, so there are differencies between actual PAL or NTSC boards). PAL/NTSC screenmodes can be Lores, Hires or S-Hires and all 24 colour bits will be displayed.

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