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Update ('Supamax' folder on the server):

Coleccion Software Commodore Amiga Caviar vol. 14 -by (648 MB)

Many thanks to Crashdisk who fixed the incomplete .iso from eMule, 100% recreating the exact original file. By the way, now (thanks to his sharing on the Kad network) the file is also fully downloadable from eMule. All of you who have a partial eMule download (typically around 95%) can now successfully finish the download.

Note: this .iso is the original #14 by Nenet, and has a different size from Fermix's .iso (they used different tools to dump them). However, the files and drawers contained are in the same number and byte-by-byte identical (I thoroughly verified it).

NOTE: now the collection is COMPLETE (unless fpachon can prove there are #16 1 & 2 CDs...) and could/should be definitely stored on the 'regular account' Magix server zone (not anymore on the 'uploader account').

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