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Originally posted by gary
Firstly, you need ISOCD from the CD32 developer kit to burn a bootable CD, then I would try to convert the pictures taken by the digital camera to HAM6.

Actually, I would test converting the pictures first because while I've converted JPEGS to HAM8 on a CD32 which looks great, the CDTV only has the ECS chipset which can show HAM6 pictures in low/medium resolution (like 320x256 or 320x512 interlace if it is a PAL system). There were software alternatives to try and show more colours at high resolutions (I can't remember the name of the mode but I think it used the copper chip to show multiple 16 colour hi-res pics on each scanline of the screen).

You could try converting the pics to HAM6 (I used ViewTek) to see what they look like. For viewing the pictures I'm sure there are a few options like ppshow/mostra/etc. but I think your main problem will be the quality loss (mainly resolution).
Many CDTV Titles had great looking images in Ham6 format though like World Visa & American Visa. My Grandmother would be happy with that type of image quality.
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