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Originally posted by NytroX86
There are two speeds in Zool. I find normal fast enough, but Fast mode really is quite fast, perhaps more suitable for an arcade machine.
Yes, as Shatts said, I don't mean the speed of the game, but the pace at what everything evolves... And not actually how long it is before you finish it. it's something about its pace, how things are laid out, the learning curve, etc.

Shat: yes you can render the only firebutton useless... whenevrr you insert a coin it's available and you can press it for starting. It's just the same as if teh Start button was blocked. These SNES machines I saw actually block the whole joypad until you insert a coin.

What I do NOT understand, is how the mechanism recognizes when it's game over time and you would have to continue... whenever the continue screen appears, the pad locks up again. Pretty damn strange, that.

Teh DC Arcade Systems are completely FORBIDDEN by Sega. They are absolutely illegal, but of course, we get that kind of shit here But the ones I see here dont work for time, just as with the SNES thing, they last for a slong as your game does... no idea about how teh mechanism recognizes game overs.
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