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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
I'll see if I can get the Print1 and ReadADF programs to compile with Microsoft Pascal tomorrow.
The Print1 and ReadADF source code is so incompatible with Microsoft's Pascal Compiler that this was more or less a non-starter.

This is the summary of the compiler source listing output (no object code generated) after Pass One:
                Errors  Warns  In Pass One 
PRINT1.PAS          42     41
FDC_UTIL.PAS         2     62
DECODSTD.PAS         2      2
DECODEXT.PAS         2      4
READADF.PAS        243    187
so I'd say it's beyond tinkering.

I'm not really surprised. Version 3.31 of the Compiler is dated October 1985. I'll start tomorrow trying to get the sources compiling with Borland Turbo Pascal, as they seem to have been written with that in mind.

Originally Posted by clenched View Post
I had no trouble locating several of the Borland compilers with Google ranging from ~500K - 1.9M dl size. That's in case MS konks out on you.
I would have gone for those straightaway if I'd known they were available, but I really thought you were using original disks and manuals and thought I'd do the same.

I managed to grab versions 5.5, 6.0 and 7.0 last night while I was online. I've virus-scanned them, extracted the DOS files from the archives and everything looks good, so I'm all set.
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