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Well I also run a NES community which I've talked about on here before, for the launch alone I wrote 40'000 words worth of reviews and articles, not to mention learning how to code a website:

And had many a few subscribers to my retro channel over on Youtube:

There's about 400 vids of a mad man rambling on there who owned far too many retro games and systems (me) .

I also do a fair bit of writing for the books as well as organising the articles/design side, my latest piece is the Ultima special for issue 2. I'm working my way through the full series first as its a tale that needs to be told! I'm sure there's a few here that have tried a couple of Ultima games and it's not going to be an easy task. Not to mention the Dizzy article I'm also working on.

I am trying to make a go of PN as something huge if I can, because simply put I love retro gaming and this is a dream come true. Its the perfect opportunity to create something special and I'm chuffed to bits to have been a part of it Can't help but shout about all the hard work, long hours (all done in spare time, I have a full time office job!) and effort that's gone into this. Personally for me the proudest moment was having Bob Wakelin agree to let me interview him, the guys art is a legend.

The people here who have bought a copy, I hope the work we put in has really come across and I'm forever grateful you have taken the time to grab a copy.

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