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Do we know of any LCDs that support 50Hz over DVI?

Most of the LCDs I've come across so far will only sync down that low on the VGA input. I have an Eizo M1700 on my Amiga 600 with Indivision ECS, and whilst it has a perfectly smooth-scrolling display that fills the screen beautifully on the VGA input, it won't go that low on its DVI input.

Not that it matters too much, it's hard enough finding a LCD that takes 50Hz at all, but I'd be very interested in finding a monitor that did - it would be nice to have a clean digital output without any ghosting or imperfections, which the ECS was prone to if you used the ribbon cable (I made a cable out of twisted pair CAT5 to connect the Indi to a VGA header and that solved it for me).
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