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I remain sceptical towards Natami. How low has in been talked about now? 3, 4 years? In this time its amounted to a handful of boards, which appears to be changing as often as additional boards are made (feel free to correct me someone, but this is the impression I have). Im all for new 2d art software for Amiga systems, but $25,000 for software for a system that is still unavailable? Not to mention it's unnecessary as there's plenty of great 2d art packages already available.
Good luck to them, but I think people should be made aware of the true state of Natami (ie. thus far an excerise in enginerring and not a real product). I know Id be a bit peeved to donate towards something that there's no guarantee I'l ever be able to get my hands on.
So long as it's not Natami only (which means a very exclusive group of people (6 or 7 boards in 4 years)), then great (by which I mean works on real amigas, and things like fpga arcade), but from my view theyve yet to show anything "solid" enough so as to want to gamble my money, and its something I'd suggest others really look into before they contribute too. Not to say Id discourage them, but suggest they look into its history a little more and then make a decision.

I guess the other side of the coin though could be that it takes money to make a project, "solid", and having some good, unique software can be a great help.
For me though, there's just a bit of a feeling of it being a bit of an exclusive "boys club" with a cool engineering project. By exclusive I mean that it just doesnt yet feel like it's going to go into even any sort of small production runs, rather something that's fun for those involved to tinker with.

All in my opinion of course.

All this said and done though, if it does materialise as something I can buy, I suspect I'll buy one

Anyway, sorry for the long ramblings, but you did ask what people thought

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