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Originally Posted by diablothe2nd View Post
the question is though, I wonder how fast the Arm 700mhz with 256mb ram will handle emulating say, a 1260@50mhz with RTG
It should be powerful enough for many (but not all) Amiga 500 games. This is an ARM11 700MHz which is no faster than a 300MHz Pentium 3, I expect AGA games will choke it. Basically it's similar to Amiga emulation on the PSP.

I tried emulating a R-Pi in QEMU and got its ARM Debian distro running, E-UAE built and ran fine, but hardware-banging games like Kid Chaos ran pretty slow. Stuff like a Workbench 3.1 desktop or AMOSPro should be fine though.
Just don't expect to use AROS ROM with usable performance in many apps, it's much too slow!

RTG might fare better if a modern enough version of UAE is available for the Pi (E-UAE is still a bit crappy there), but what it really needs for decent CPU emulation is an Amiga-compatible 680x0-to-ARM11 JIT-compiler, and nobody has written one yet.
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