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Raspberry Pi in an Amiga 1200 case? am i crazy? :D

I should be recieving my Rasberry Pi soon... This will basically act as a mediacentre and NAS for my home network.

When they are more available I plan on buying 3 more, 2 to use as media centres in other rooms (streaming from the main NAS Pi) and a spare.

So then I had this wacky idea. It looks as though there is a port on it for something. Looks like an IDE port but I doubt it. if this is an interface port so we can hook controllers etc up to it I was thinking of jacking in an amiga floppy drive and connections that are usually found on an amiga. if not I suppose this could be hacked into a usb device.
so yeah my idea is: Find a broken 1200 online (not difficult) strip out the hardware with exception to the floppy drive etc and interface it with the pi.

the plan is then to Dual boot between Aros (if there's an ARM port out there?) and a small linux partition that boots straight into an emulator (again needing an ARM version)

the end result would be a 1200 desktop case, functioning keyboard, floppy, joyports etc but running emulated hardware inside.

the question is though, I wonder how fast the Arm 700mhz with 256mb ram will handle emulating say, a 1260@50mhz with RTG
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