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Been busy over the last few days and think I have solved both probs:

Problem 1:

I tested if it was an overheating issue (supercooled the heat sink with my vacuum cleaner!). The system still hung...

Tried a fresh installation of ClassisWB Lite. That didn't help...

So I bought another A1200 (!) and thankfully everything seems ok now.

The new one has a different motherboard revision (1A instead of 2B, I think). Could this have been the issue?

Didn't get round to testing power supply as the new PSU I bought was faulty.

Problem 2:

I had foolishly omitted ">NIL:" from my ACATune command in the startup sequence. All sorted. Thanks for your help.

Next issue: Do I take the working motherboard out of its yellowed case and put it into my old nice white case? Is it straightforward?

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