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Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
Yeah well its better to preorder something at this affordable price than at 60 dollars/euros!
True , and i miss this kind of games immensly.

The problem that killed this type of games is Doom mainly, and 3D graphics and Pentium.

If there was no Doom, and we stayed on 386-486 type of processors, we would had many games like Lands of Lore, EOB2 etc...

Who remembers that Lands of Lore 2 was going to be like Lands of Lore, that is, no 3D graphics, and no 3D, but beautiful VGA bitmaps. I saw the first early previews, they looked beautiful.

But, then, we had Doom, and it's clones, then Quake, and when LOL2 was out, it was hideous 3D, pixellated, with digital photographic actors...
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