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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
It won't be able to display these modes with the first release, but 120Hz NTSC is technically possible, yes (it has the same performance requirements as 100Hz PAL).

Trouble is that the DVI-encoder also handles D-A conversion, so the PLL is for both at the same time. The 135MHz pixel clock limit is already 88% over the old MK1 design, and your desired 120Hz NTSC mode only requires 114.5MHz pixel clock. We don't even have a source for 1920x1200, so what's the point of pushing the chip to limits that we won't need anyway?

I have preordered one as it fits my needs with the 100Hz PAL and DVI-I and fits the A4000T

Ah yes I thought NTSC 120Hz should be possible.

Regarding the 1920x1200 resolution I thought maybe AGA could do 1920x1200 at *very low* scan frequencies so perhaps Indivision could up that to 31KHz and 50Hz? In the same way (but more extreme) as for HighGFX mode so it can run on most LCD monitors. My 1920x1200 LCD monitor goes down to 24KHz and almost 40Hz on some screenmodes (but frame rate only smooth at 60Hz) so it may not need as much juice. Of course I could well be mistaken on AGA's capabilities there.

However, it would be great if there was a way we could make our own custom output screenmodes ourselves for a given input, but I suppose that would be asking too much on an already unbelievable device?
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