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Originally Posted by Calgor View Post
So the Indivision AGA MK2 A1200/A4000T can do 100Hz in PAL, but can it do 120Hz for NTSC? Serious question. I am going to compare it with the PicassoIV which can do that (but which can't do all Amiga screenmodes :/ ).
It won't be able to display these modes with the first release, but 120Hz NTSC is technically possible, yes (it has the same performance requirements as 100Hz PAL).

Originally Posted by Calgor View Post
Earlier in this thread you mentioned that it will be limited to 135MHz due to the DVI encoder not able to handle higher without overvoltage. Is there a possibility to not enforce that limit (no overvoltage of course!) for those of us who will be using a DVI-I-VGA adapter as you mentioned it was no problem for analogue, or would that cause problems for the board? Note that I do have a 1920x1200 screen
Trouble is that the DVI-encoder also handles D-A conversion, so the PLL is for both at the same time. The 135MHz pixel clock limit is already 88% over the old MK1 design, and your desired 120Hz NTSC mode only requires 114.5MHz pixel clock. We don't even have a source for 1920x1200, so what's the point of pushing the chip to limits that we won't need anyway?

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