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>Being written in Draco would be another obstacle, even though it is an easy language, as far as I remember.

Yep, it's pretty easy. I've already written and released a Draco-to-C conversion program and some trivial Draco programs.

>It's on Fish disk #118.

Yes, I have that version. There's also some later binary-only versions on later Fish disks, and apparently some even later (presumably binary-only) versions (eg. V2.25w) which aren't in the Fish library but which were released elsewhere, I haven't had any success tracking those down.

WRT CRobots, there have been AFAIK 2 binary-only Amiga versions, and ports to various platforms but no source code for any of them has been released. Mr Wright did mention in the docs however that he was happy to send source to anyone who wanted it. I've ported CodeWar to Amiga which is a similar kind of program, I'm still interested in doing something with CRobots though.
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