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Originally Posted by clenched View Post
Prowler - You are right after all. I changed the program to stop after one of those sector variables went out of bounds and it did. If I'm reading these sources right, it looks like the header data are only tested for accuracy after the numbers have already been printed. Here is one I had turn up: 255 69 82 93.
Great work, clenched! (How do those sector variables ever get out of bounds in the first place, I wonder? )

Well, now you're (once again! ) in debugging mood (and everything's up for tweaking now you've got the sources to compile), it has occurred to me that something similar is going on here:

Originally Posted by prowler View Post
I noticed once or twice that I was presented with the Abort, Ignore, Retry options when all sectors were showing TRUE! And, of course, upon selecting Retry, the program immediately stepped to the next track.
It looks like the sector status flags are checked only after they have already been displayed (and the track progress also, because the indicator had actually reached full scale when the options showed up again in each case, IIRC ).

Originally Posted by clenched View Post
The simplest way to fix it would be to put the check ahead of the line print. From my observations the program won't continue until the numbers return to normal and the sector is either read correctly or aborted.
Please do give it a try. I'll check the result of running any test version you can compile on my machine and, in the meantime I'll be looking at the source code in new light.

PS. I've just found I have a Reference Manual for the Microsoft Pascal Compiler (MS-DOS; not sure what version). I wonder if I have the disk(s) for it somewhere?

Edit: Yes, I've found the User's Manual and 5¼-inch two-disk set to go with it!

Hmm... I've also found a 3½-inch disk for Microsoft Pascal Version 3.31 (Disks 1 & 2). This disk is HP150 D/S MS-DOS formatted, but I'm not sure it's part of the same set. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

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