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@Burseg, Marco, Drake1009
This is drifting off topic now, but if you don't like the 3rd edition rules what did you guys think of Baldur's Gate (and TOTSC) or Baldur's Gate 2 (and TOB)? I don't really know much about AD&D but I know the Baldurs Gate series is 2nd edition rules, which I was used to and liked. They may have been complicated to some but they made sense to me. I couldn't wait for Neverwinter Nights, I loved the idea of playing it online, but once I learnt it was a different ruleset to BG my interest started to fade.
Once I got it I read the manual and watched my brother start to play NN but I couldn't be bothered. It really is quite different, and I was in the middle of replaying BG1 with the idea of going through both it and BG2 the good way and then evil. Basically I got distracted from BG1 and haven't touched it for a quite a few months now, so until I finish them again theres no chance of me going near Neverwinter. Then there are enough mods for BG to keep me away from NN even longer.
Anyway anyone played a Baldur's Gate game?
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