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Originally Posted by synchro View Post
Well heres the thing.....There are many many launcher front ends out there ..Mame...Mala...Gamebase name a few but there never has been a install point and click to my knowledge...All the others you have to configure the emulators...add the games....point the paths....hours of setup .....So mine are pretty unique..

Considering i have not even finished my first collection yet or achived my "all in one" installer and the fact that some of the stuff i use cost me a fortune i hope you would understand that for now theres a few things i would like to keep close to my chest..... All the other launchers out there are fantastic but i wanted install and play without the hassle of setups and it took me a couple of years to learn how to do it so for now i would rather not give to much away

Later i will create them as Iso's and they will autoboot to a menu with 2 options...." Install "...or..." Play from Disc " you cant do that with any of the other launchers Except Cloanto but thats to workbench....easy stuff...oh and the Tribute DVD,s.....But i made those as well
OK..fine.. Sorry if I offended you.

What about this....

What you could do is make it in packs,so you download the main part of the program and the have Amiga,C64,Arcade,CD32,and so on as a pack,One pack for each emulator then it not such a big download.
Thats what I done with 3D Arcade 10th Anniversary.
The smaller packs I made part of the main program...good idea??

And one more question... Do you want your site as part of Junior Webdevs Network,it here..
Good luck with the launchers,love how the site looks...Cool..

I had another idea(Me and my ideas)maybe making a list of games (Favourites)so if you want you can add a game and it would come up in the list,so you have a choice of the builtin ones and the ones you have added into the launcher..??

Yes I know you have a lot to do already but this wound good.

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