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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
It turned out that even with the increased immunity of the ACA1231 against false assembly of the A1200, we still need board modifications if the timing fixes haven't been applied yet. The info is hidden in this thread:

...and a more complicated one:

Should you continue to have trouble with the card, please contact Vesalia.

Thanks for your summary and links. I did the first timing fix and everything seems quite stable! :-)

@Retrofan: sorry for not stating it clearly - not because of the CF-card, but the CF-card works nicely in the newly stable configuration :-)

I am still hesitating with the second because I'm not entirely sure whether it applies only to certain revisions of the motherboard (1D.4 is mentioned) or if ones experiences graphics-corruption/ noise?

Wisdom is of course not trying to fix something that is not broken (possibly inviting problems), but if it only can help and when soldering is a joy why not?
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