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Micromys V4 featuring auto-detect

Micromys V4 is here, and it comes with a world's first: Auto-detect of the computer that it's connected to. While Micromys V3 was configured using two DIP-switches, the new V4 version eliminates these switches and makes the adapter a lot more user-friendly.

There are five modes of operation:
  1. Amiga wheel mode:
    Just plug in and switch on. Device will auto-detect that it's connected to an Amiga and switch to 2-button mode with wheel support. Wheel and middle-mouse button can be activated with the driver from
  2. Amiga 3-button mode without drivers:
    User keeps middle mouse button (or wheel) pressed while switching the Amiga on. This mode stays active until the next power cycle. A machine reset does not alter the mode of operation - only a power-cycle does.
  3. Atari ST/STe/Falcon:
    Just plug in and switch on. Micromys will auto-detect that it's connected to an Atari and switch to that mode. Micromys will stay in Atari-mode until the next power-cycle.
  4. C64 or C128 in joystick port 1:
    This is the usual port for a 1351 mouse. Most programs use it for the proportional mouse, because the GEOS operating system expects the mouse there. If Micromys V4 is plugged into port 1, it detects the machine and switches to 1351 mode. Should the user hold down the right mouse button during power-up, the unit goes to joystick emulation mode, just like the real 1351 mouse would do.
  5. C64 or C128 in joystick port 2:
    This is a rather unusual port for a proportional mouse. However, the popular music programs MSSIAH and Prophet64 use the mouse in that port, so it must be covered. If the user wants to use joystick port 2, then Micromys must be attached to port 2 after power-up and after the program has been started. The program must be set to use the mouse, and then the adapter can be attached to port 2. Since auto-detect in port 2 is highly depending on software (thus may not always work), Micromys V4 can be configured to be C64-only by removing the auto-detect jumper inside the case. Once the jumper is removed, the auto-detect sequence is bypassed and the unit will work in C64-only mode on any port of any computer. This will also let you use the joystick emulation mode on other computers than the C64.

Micromys V4 comes with a new, longer cable, which improves usability for Atari users, where the mouse connector is located underneath the keyboard. The "dongle design" is a drastic improvement over competitor's solutions, where the use of PS2->USB adapters creates a long lever that can put a lot of mechanical stress on the computer's mouse port.

The new, smaller case allows much cheaper shipping methods, reducing the overall cost for the user. There are two target machines with space constraints around the mouse port: Amiga 600 and C128 require an adapter (or extension cable) with a smaller plug, or mechanical modification of the Micromys DB9 connector.

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