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Would you mind me asking what you use to make them(I know the menus are images so you must have to work out were the x and y is on screen for each game and button image then tell it to run a command line to run that I close..
Well heres the thing.....There are many many launcher front ends out there ..Mame...Mala...Gamebase name a few but there never has been a install point and click to my knowledge...All the others you have to configure the emulators...add the games....point the paths....hours of setup .....So mine are pretty unique..

Considering i have not even finished my first collection yet or achived my "all in one" installer and the fact that some of the stuff i use cost me a fortune i hope you would understand that for now theres a few things i would like to keep close to my chest..... All the other launchers out there are fantastic but i wanted install and play without the hassle of setups and it took me a couple of years to learn how to do it so for now i would rather not give to much away

Later i will create them as Iso's and they will autoboot to a menu with 2 options...." Install "...or..." Play from Disc " you cant do that with any of the other launchers Except Cloanto but thats to workbench....easy stuff...oh and the Tribute DVD,s.....But i made those as well
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