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Yes, that's certainly possible when the top line of the display is continually being updated, though I've not seen it happen often enough to have spotted the significance of adding the left and right columns.

However, I've also seen some large numbers like that accompanied by the track number temporarily changing to a much higher or lower number following a number of unsuccessful retries, as if the program has decided it's time to attempt realignment of the drive heads with the track by reapproaching it from a sufficient distance, and most times this appears to be successful.

The figures I quoted above were the result of much smaller numbers (8 5 and 13 8, IIRC) with no change in the track number.

I'll be watching those figures more closely next time.

Also, when using the recompiled version, I noticed once or twice that I was presented with the Abort, Ignore, Retry options when all sectors were showing TRUE! And, of course, upon selecting Retry, the program immediately stepped to the next track.

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