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Earlier this evening, I tried out the recompiled versions in The Zone...

The Print1 utility works just the same as the first one, but the ReadADF program performs a little differently to the original on my machine, and has some good and bad features in comparison with it.

With the good disk I used before, the recompiled version is much slower than the original, and the image is prone to errors where there are none reported. It's not as bad as the original version was before I shortened and re-routed the parallel port cable, but bad enough for me to prefer using the original version with good disks.

With the bad disk, however, the new version showed no slow-down, and still the same errors were encountered, but now when you select the Retry (Wiederholen) option, the program will retry another 20 times before presenting you with all the options again, so it doesn't get stuck in an endless loop in the event of an unresolveable bad sector!

Also, I've noticed that sometimes, when the program encounters a very bad sector, the sum of "Sector #" and "Sectors to fill the gap" is no longer 11 (I witnessed examples of 13 and 20 with this disk). I didn't notice this when using the original program, but I wasn't sure what those numbers represented at that time.

I haven't checked the image I captured from the bad disk this time against those I captured previously with the original program but, if it is no worse, then I have to say I prefer using the recompiled version of the program when working with bad disks.

This judgement is, of course, based on having tried only one of each good and bad disks, and the outcome may have been entirely different had I chosen another pair of disks.

In conclusion, I would say that it's most probably an advantage to have both versions of the program available. Thankyou. Well done, clenched!

Incidentally, despite both Print1 programs asking for a DD disk to be inserted in the drive, it actually doesn't seem to matter whether a DD or HD disk is used for this test. Also, if the disk is PC-formatted, then the drive activity light can be extinguished when the program has finished by entering dir a: at the DOS-prompt, thus obviating the need to reboot the machine.
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