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Originally Posted by diablothe2nd View Post
this is probably a silly question, but doesn't Paula produce a digital audio signal that can be sent down the HDMI lead?
Alexh is right. The signal is digital, but the wrong format, and as such it's useless. It's possible to make it right, and stick it in the data stream, but at that point it's cheaper to take the quality loss, and use the analog audio as a source for the same purpose. I'd say if getting audio over HDMI is a must, get one of those thingies i linked to before, and let Kipper2k focus on the important stuff, the HDMI header. I wouldn't even include the analog audio on his board, as it's going to add a slight complexity, with minimal gain, or use. How many will cut a HDMI cable open to access the wires on the other end, and add a pair of RCA connectors, so they can hook it to anything, i mean, really.

Yes, a single cable is neat, but for real world application, and not just theory, isn't 2 cables and a few cable ties a more reliable solution? No cutting in to the HDMI cable, messing with possible shielding issues, and signal interference.
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