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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
I want to ask you a thing: The Indi will start to be sent I suposse the first week of May by the resellers. I would like to know if you think you can have at least the simple HDMI solution by then... As I would like to mount it all together...
It will take me about 3 weeks to have the board manufactured so in theory i could have them made b4 the MkII is released. It's just a case of how confident i am that i didn't mess up the wiring. If i make a mistake in the boards wiring then it could be a costly mistake. Once i get the connectors tomorrow i can do some testing to verify pinouts etc. Modding a HDMI cable to connect an audio cable is a 20 minute job so i am not worried about that part. I am basing my wiring on the info provided by (which are normally pretty good.

Jens adapter schematic contained a wealth of info as to pin ID's etc so i'm reasonably confident. I may post a pdf of the wiring.

If someone wants to check my work then i can send them the schematic

The reason i am just using the analog outputs is its a quick simple solution that is easy to do for most people, and the adapter board needs to have a small footprint as people already have a lot of addons in their A1200s

Cost for these adapters would be about $12 Cad and a 3ft HDMI modded cable that includes the audio cables already wired would be about $8.00 if i can get more of them.
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