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Thanks for update.

How about:

Level number to be displayed on the score panel. Also, maybe even have the level number scroll up the screen when you enter a new one.

Level/distance saved with high score as said by Anakirob.

If borders are not to be fixed (see my post #125 for fix), then can platforms that are touching the sides of the screen be changed from




...notice corners removed from platforms touching side of the screen.

Maybe a page to tell you what each of the power pickups do.

Try a few different copper backgrounds. 3 below for you to try....

DisplayRGB 0,0,231-n,50/(n+3),0,n/16
DisplayRGB 0,0,231-n,90/(n+6),0,n/16
DisplayRGB 0,0,231-n,90/(100-n),0,n/16

Fun game.


edit. You are welcome to steel my 'Copy font to fonts folder' icon from my game Wired Chaos.

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