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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Vesalia keeps these records, and they remind me frequently of the high number of orders they would like to serve. Rest assured that your order is "still alive" :-)

You should have gotten a confirmation eMail with a reference number. That will help them find it.

Thanks for that. Yes, surely I had that reference number (although I don't remember that), but as I can't register there like I do in Amigakit and find it... and I must have lost that number if I had it in my mail (I will search again). YEs, I know it's a problem of Vesalia now. I think they should send a message to all of his old preorders (perhaps they have done it or they will do) to tell it's ready for pay and buy it now, preorders first... So they can do it next month.

Anyway I know their politics about entering this site for selling too, so surely they won't be reading this.

So... I just will wait a little as I have to wait to have the money anyway ... EDIT: No, I won't wait. I've sent them a mail asking about it.

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