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ACA1231 Freezing issues

Right, I'm pretty new to this (just posted my 'member introduction' in fact) so go easy on me. Here's the situation:

I've got an A1200 with 3.0 rom. A 4GB CF HD from amigakit with ClassicWB and WHDLoad installed using winuae. Also, I've just got one of the new ACA-1231 cards and I have installed the heat sink that came with it and use ACATune 1.5e to initialize it in the startup sequence.

Problem 1: The system freezes. I don't get any guru meditation error, just the screen freezes and whatever sound was playing repeats. I have to reset (soft or hard) to start the system again. The freeze can occur during playing a WHDLoad game or in WB, even if the system is just 'idling', i.e. I just boot it up and leave it. It seems to occur usually within about 15 mins but will be much sooner if I don't let it 'cool down' before trying again. This led me to think it was a temperature problem and indeed the heat sink on the ACA-1231 does get pretty hot, around 50 degrees C, but I suspect that kind of temp is not too bad? Without the card in the system is stable (although I can't do much with it!).

Problem 2: When I switch on, just after ACATune runs and the card is recognized, I get a System Request box popping up saying "Intuition is attempting to reset the workbench screen. Please close all windows, except drawers", with options to retry or cancel. If I wait to WB has loaded (In 4 colour mode, I think) then click retry it switches into 16 col mode with the nice copper backround. So, not too serious compared to problem 1 but thought I should mention it as possibly related. This happens with or without the ACA card.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,

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