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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
Another bug: when I pause a game, then unpause and play and then get a record score, it doesnt allow me to write my score to a table. Instead my name there is a blank line and the game continues to title screen. My hiscore is saved though, but without my name. I think it probably has something to do with 'problem' I mentioned above (some weird keyboard-reading) and I would suggest to use fire button for pause/unpause instead of keyboard.

No problem for me (on WinUAE with A600 setup). I pause and unpause multiple times and am able to enter my scores (best so far: 25008 on lvl 10).

I'll already suggested using the fire button for pausing, aswell as P button. Maybe Graham missed it?

Mihcael, it is passible (both places) but you have to be lucky and be on the correct side of the screen. If you aren't, then there is no chance of doing either tight spots on lvl 10.

Graham, any keys typed during gameplay end up as default name on scoreboard. I'm just glad that backspace works so I can delete it and enter my name in instead
Edit: If Enter/Return key is pressed during gameplay then when it comes to the hiscore table any new entry is automtically entered as a blank line (unless other keyboard keys were pressed before the pressing of Enter/Return key!).


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