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Hi Prowler.

3 A500's , 1 A500+ , 2 A600 , 1 A600HD (upgraded memory) , 2 A1200's , A1500 (main machine) , A2000 (Not working) , CDTV , CD32 and UAE on X86 (if that counts).

The 2k is my favourite as it has always been my most reliable miggy. Also, its my most tricked up machine but still plays all the classic games as It has a rom switcher. Also, 2 internal drives is great for gaming. I tend to like the big box miggy's more really.

Think I'll be buying a 4K soon. Mainly for Demos as I own most of the good AGA games for the CD32.
The thing I regret though is selling my first 4k. Had a cyberstorm 060 and a picasso IV and about 120mb of memory. It's going to cost a small fortune to get that back.

(Note) Is the person out there who bought my A4k about 6 years ago from an English guy in the Netherlands of Maarkplaats? and would you like to sell it back? (Pretty please)
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