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Originally Posted by synchro View Post
Actually i had something like this in mind ?

I could then link the downloads to wherever there stored

Its still in my head trying to get out but it kind of grabs your attention.
Not quite happy with the banner and a few things yet
I think RetroPlayer sounds better than Retro-2-Go and get rid of the word Launcher but its up to you mate..

Would it be possible to change the commodore 64 to the orignal one instead of the C64X change it to like the C64K(K is for kEYRAH thats what I call my c64 now)Most people don't have a C64X.(too bloddy much at $1295 Over prised IMO)

Would you mind me asking what you use to make them(I know the menus are images so you must have to work out were the x and y is on screen for each game and button image then tell it to run a command line to run that I close..

I know a bit about programing cos had to it in flash(is this flash you are using) or you could be using lua I have do a bit in that too on the psp.. I made a 3darcade for it with images so when you turned left it would load a new image up and if you turned right the same it looks like you are moving in the arcade. [ Show youtube player ]
Anyway.. enough about that..??

What you could do is make it in packs,so you download the main part of the program and the have Amiga,C64,Arcade,CD32,and so on as a pack,One pack for each emulator then it not such a big download.
Thats what I done with 3D Arcade 10th Anniversary.
The smaller packs I made part of the main program...good idea??

And one more question... Do you want your site as part of Junior Webdevs Network,it here..
Good luck with the launchers,love how the site looks...Cool..

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