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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
We are obviously talking at cross-purposes here; I have never made any comment about the SPS position regarding Disk2FDI dumps, and my awareness of the ReadADF program began only with this thread.

Ok, somewhere above it sounded like we'd known for years, but hidden its existence. I wanted to address that impression... Maybe I got it wrong.

Originally Posted by prowler View Post
I discovered the "hidden" data while comparing the performance of the Disk2FDI and ReadADF programs running on the same equipment using a disk known to have bad sectors of both the "missing sector header" and "bad sector checksum" type. Your theory that these data were originally written with a drive of the same (or very closely matching) alignment must surely be true, but the test showed that Disk2FDI did not pick them up and ReadADF detected them in only one of three runs.

I am still analysing these captures. When I know more I shall elaborate here.
Please do. Would love to know how KryoFlux would read it...
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