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The bug with 'invisible' items is still there as well as items appearing in platforms. Score saving (and loading) system works perfectly. I would really, really appreciate if there would be that suggested bonus gems system implemented - that would give you extra collectable item for 3000, 8000, 15000 and 20000 and if you would manage to collect them all, you would be awarded with some super score bonus after the game is over.

Maybe the /2 power-down could be compensated with extra speed (the same as the Trainers do), so player can collect it in difficult situation. It would help him, but lower his score.

BTW I managed to get 19.673 points on 3rd attempt.

BTW2: developer cheat doesnt work for me anymore, when I press numpad key (for example '5') I always start in level 1, but after the game is over, there is '5' predefined in hiscore table. This cant be considered as a bug though as the cheat will not be present in final release.

Another bug: when I pause a game, then unpause and play and then get a record score, it doesnt allow me to write my score to a table. Instead my name there is a blank line and the game continues to title screen. My hiscore is saved though, but without my name. I think it probably has something to do with 'problem' I mentioned above (some weird keyboard-reading) and I would suggest to use fire button for pause/unpause instead of keyboard.

AND PLEASE: return there level 3 data from WIP9 (as some later level), I liked that level a lot!

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