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Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
At present i am just researching parts i woud need if i was to convert the DVI header into an optional HDMI header. In order to produce sound through HDMI then circuitry would be required... unless i cheat Then a couple of headers could solve the problem (maybe).
keep me posted. I did consider the option of ditching DVI altogether to be honest, especially if i can route audio through a built in hdmi connector while still keeping the option of having it come through the RCA audio and RGB video connection.

basically my idea is as follows; I have an RGB connector to scart from Amigakit, which also has audio. this will provide both a backup if the indi fails to display for whatever reason while we wait for screen mode updates, and also keeping some degree of legacy support.

I plan on combining my CD audio outputs to the RCA (1k ohm resistor was it?) then pairing off that signal to a HDMI output from the indi.

so if you can imagine the RF box removed, a female HDMI in it's place that carries audio as well as video, but with the RGB and RCA audio connected to scart on my TV just incase a problem with screen res/indi crops up for certain games (i've read this problem exists on the indi ECS)... so basically both are connected at once... if the Hi Def signal fails to output, my TV will auto switch to the scart input from the RGB port. both will share the same audio.

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