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WIP10 - and we're almost there! I don't know if there'll be another WIP before the final release now... if there is, one more maximum I hope

Thanks to mihcael's hard work we've now got a full set of ten levels in place. He's designed some entirely new ones and tweaked some of the existing ones. It should all be a little bit fairer to play now.

Also, as discussed before, the high score table has been fully implemented, complete with loading and saving. It saves a file called 'downfall.highs' into the Data directory on exit if there has been any new scores recorded in the current session and will be loaded in automatically on startup if the file is found. (Oh and the highscore code was actually, ahem, 'adapted' from another game's source code but I can't remember which one for now - I will suitably credit it when I find it.)

I've also given the slow down and weight pickups a points value - 150 points multiplied by the level number. It's a bit higher than standard pickups but not so high you'll score silly points later on. I didn't include this for the '/2' pickup as I felt it would defeat the object somewhat if a pickup that handicaps your scoring actually gave you more points.

Also, as requested, I've included a slightly longer delay when you press P to pause the game so there is less chance of it unpausing straight away, and you can now select a level from the title screen by pressing the number keys 1-0 at the top of the keyboard and pressing fire.

Still to do: More levels to implement, random level selector to code (so you could end up playing level 1a, 1b or 1c, followed by 2a, 2b or 2c etc) and of course getting our shiny new Remainder Software logo in there In addition, I'm still waiting for more sound effects and the long-awaited music... hopefully not too long to wait. But we really are very close to the end now.
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