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Originally Posted by diablothe2nd View Post
or is that info on a need to know basis
You're watching too many hollywood movies.

Individual Computers is not a public company, so quantities are not public. Only the yearly result is public for a German GmbH (the German equivalent of a "limited").

of course you can add an audio stream to HDMI, but that would mean converting it from analogue to digital first, only to convert it back to analogue in the TV. That's two lossy steps. Just plug the signal into your stereo or active speakers and you're done.

The only "digital" way would be to sniff the data that's DMA'd into Paula and replicate the audio in an FPGA. With all the sample-rate changes that is used to play different notes in the Amiga, an upsampling beyond 44.1kHz would have to be done, but nothing that today's FPGAs can't handle. Generating SPDIF is not a big deal either (did that with a MACH already 14 years ago), and *that* would be a truly digital audio solution. Anything else would be worse than the original.
Unfortunately, the cost of such a product would be in the ballpark of Indivision ECS (maybe 10,- EUR less, because there's no memory and no DA-conversion required).

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