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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
It seems that the SPS guys have been aware of this one for quite some time, but were keeping quiet about it.
Well you have been, too... it's the same tech as Disk2FDI. It's nothing new, and prone to errors, especially when reading raw data. When you know what to expect, e.g. ADF, you can read as long as the format validates and you have your data. When you don't know what to expect (raw, e.g. copy protection) you better get a good read.

Also parallel port adapters for USB are a hassle as they usually don't work reliably bi-directional. Every tried a X1541 cable with such an adapter?

That's why we never followed that path. It's one thing if you make this for your own and tweak an old school PC for this or change the software as needed. When you want give something usable of industrial quality you better iron out all setup issues, otherwise you drown in supporting this.

So this is not information withheld, it was around all the time, _we_ can't make use of it for preservation.

Happy hacking!
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