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Originally Posted by Garyc2012 View Post
Hey Prowler !!

"SPS guys " Who are the SPS guys ???
The SPS guys are the Software Preservation Society, and originators of the Kryoflux USB Floppy Controller.

You can recognize them on EAB by the SPS featured in their avatars.

Originally Posted by Garyc2012 View Post
I would like to, but I can't commit to it yet, as I may be otherwise occupied at that time.

If I find I am free to go, then, yes, I shall be there.

Originally Posted by clenched View Post
The middle connector on the ribbon cable has the corner pins numbered so it was a simple matter to count two pins over from 34 and insert the wire.
Quite so, and the output from the Print1 program demonstrated the accuracy of your wiring.

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