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Hey Prowler !!

"SPS guys " Who are the SPS guys ???

PS are you going to the Amimeet

Would love to meet up for a bit of Amiga crack !!!!!!! (I left a message, I am more than happy to make a good contribution to the running costs...Im not mega rich nor am I looking attention, but I would be glad to make a generous contribution to the running costs and more importantly to the bar bill )_

I see the BBC event has just sold out (((

BBC was just as revolutionary as the Amiga, but with the benefit it was a British Design.

Never owned a beeb but respect to the guys who created it, and just look at ARM today !!!!! and then again part of that was down to Sir Clive Sinclair !!! (indirectly)

I still have a brand new Sinclair C5 with 0 miles on the clock, and get this the original "Telex" is in the "boot"

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