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The company consists of me, another chap and 1 designer (a chap called Dave who currently works in Comet) using a couple of forumites to help with writing and yes I'm trying to drum up as much interest as I can, we've spent 5 solid months of hard work trying to get this going Not every day something like this comes along is it? Apologies everyone if this is out of line, but I think it's worth shouting about I only became involved with this because of my huge love of retro gaming and felt I had something to offer, as with the rest of the folks behind the first issue. The forums very own RetroSofer put a lot of hard work into the Amiga 1200 piece, so much we had to split it into two parts, its a great read too!

We've also got several people perfectly happy with the U-Publish side of things and I'm hoping to build it into something really special. Only time will tell but I think we have the best start possible right here

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