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Gary HUGS prowler !!!!!!

Well done my son

"Most times this is nothing useful, but occasionally there will be something more meaningful, and whole sectors can sometimes be rebuilt from information like this gathered over a sufficient number of runs and a bit of guesswork based on inspection of the rest of the disk image. "

How true !!!!!!!!! I don't actually remember it being that slow, but remember I had just came off An Amiga A500 without a HDD

just read the authors theory again.....Bain Marie !!! as Del Boy would say

"My idea for reading Amiga disks (theoretically, this method could also apply to C64 disks) is based on the data that was read being passed to the printer port, past the floppy controller (i. e. not touching it), giving way for the CPU to fetch it and decode it "by hand".

He is capturing the Raw Data coming from the FDD....valid or not, and then using a mask to rebuild it ????


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