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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Edit: @diablothe2nd... Fast Ata, Dvd drive, Indi, Pico Psu... have you made a thread? I would like to see it.
there's no pico psu in there, i've split the incoming power off in parallel at the mains connector so the power to the dvd and floppy drive isn't pulling via the motherboard, and I'm using a modified ATX psu for some extra wollop.

here's my thread:

i'll soon be taking the mobo completely out to replace the rom sockets with amigakit's round pin ones for a better connection, while i'm at it i'll move the power split from to bottom of the mobo instead of the back of the socket

edit - i'm considering taking out the RF/RCA video box thing from the motherboard and having the DVI connector go there. should *just* fit, so will be nice and tidy and not hog the rear expansion if i manage to find a BPPC with all the trimmings XD

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