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Originally Posted by qrulf View Post
Hi, I've been using a Sandisk Extreme III (x133) 2GB flashcard, that has worked in my A500 with an Alfa Power controller for some time. I've also been trying out a Kingston Elite Pro 4GB (also x133) card in the A1200, but apparently it has a bad reputation with accelerators I can see. The reason for those cards is that they've been lying around from an old linux box.

As my local dealer stocks them, I might consider getting another Sandisk card (Sandisk Ultra 30mb), I can see there are no reports of any of the Sandisk cards not working. Or maybe or a Verbatim card, but there are no reports on them. Hmm.

Until then it might be safest just to use an old (real) IDE harddrive for testing purposes?! ;-)
I've used two Sandisk Ultra Cf, 30 Mb/s. Both with the same installation in DH0. In one everytime I used the Fast Ata lines in s-s (after Acatune) it wasn't booting. In the other it does, but after a time it can fail, so I have to disable it's lines in the s-s and then it boots. After a time I can use that lines again. Right now it's working in Pio4, but not sure if it will last. In the past I've tried with Kingston 133x too with the same results.

The one I would like to try is this:

8Gb is perfect, and it's the slowest Cf I've found with that. I just want to try with it, don't know if it will be better or not.
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