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Originally Posted by Supamax View Post
Originally Posted by prowler View Post
The sample command line: "readadf <filename> -p n -i n -s n -d n" contains no copyprotected mode (-e), manual mode (-m) or test mode (-t) switches, but the -s and -d switches it does contain are undocumented.

I don't think I have any copy-protected disks, so I haven't tried that mode, I can't imagine what the -s and -d switches are for and test mode is academic unless the program is still supported.
If some source code is available, you could perhaps analyse it hoping to find something about those undocumented parameters... ?
I've now studied the (uncommented! ) source code; Readadf.pas in particular.

This version of the program is dated 25-08-1998. The -p, -i, -e, -m and -t command line switches appear to function as documented in the help screen, but the mysterious -s and -d switches are not parsed by the program.

I would guess that the -s and -d command line switches were a feature of the earlier version of the program. Does anyone have the earlier version?

The copyprotected mode (-e) switch activates an "extended decoding and writing" mode instead of the standard one (featured in Decodext.pas and Decodstd.pas, respectvely), but I am still none the wiser about the manual mode (-m) switch.
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