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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
qrulf what Hard Drive are you using? Anyway my only problem is with ACA 1230/56 and Fast Ata. It seems an "slower" Cf Hd is the best, as it solves it (at least for a time), I have to try with the slowest one.
Hi, I've been using a Sandisk Extreme III (x133) 2GB flashcard, that has worked in my A500 with an Alfa Power controller for some time. I've also been trying out a Kingston Elite Pro 4GB (also x133) card in the A1200, but apparently it has a bad reputation with accelerators I can see. The reason for those cards is that they've been lying around from an old linux box.

As my local dealer stocks them, I might consider getting another Sandisk card (Sandisk Ultra 30mb), I can see there are no reports of any of the Sandisk cards not working. Or maybe or a Verbatim card, but there are no reports on them. Hmm.

Until then it might be safest just to use an old (real) IDE harddrive for testing purposes?! ;-)
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