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Originally Posted by clenched View Post
I would have preferred a byte compare but the Win95 installation has no USB support for memory stick to move the file to my main PC. However WindowsME does so I am going to adjust the partitions so ME and W95 will both be available. If I had a clue this thing would actually work, I would have done it beforehand.
No problem, my advise was general .
A temporary solution could be this one: you could (always) make 2 or 3 dumps and store them all. Then, when you'll be able to compare them, you'll do.
But in the meantime you have dumped (and safely stored) multiple copies of a floppy which you don't know if will be readable in the future.
It's always better than making a single dump (which you are not sure it's 100% ok until you can compare to something), in my opinion.
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