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Hi, just received my ACA-1231 a few days ago and have had no luck with it at all. I've mailed Vesalia, but until they reply, maybe someone here could help or had an idea about what could be wrong, what to test, or if this is just normal ;-)

My A1200 gets unstable and freezes/ reboots from time to time.

It can boot into workbench but sometimes it just freezes. ACATune recognizes the board and I'm able to maprom and turn off burst & cache (burst seems to be turned off as default).

I tried to disconnect the harddrive (CF & adapter). It can boot up to the insert disk welcome screen, but it then freezes and reboots with a Software Failure afterwards (Error 8000 0004 Task: 08003290):

  • I have no other expansions or hardware mods or fixes.
  • Motherboard revision 1D1.
  • Tried both the original 3.0 ROM and my new 3.1 ROM.
  • Using an ATX PSU (380W, 5V@20A, 12V@17A, -12@0,8A). Also tried the original power brick, but that did not change anything.

ACATune -status before any settings set:
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