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What was wrong with Heroes 4? I thought the new system was much better than having yer heroes stand in a fight doin nothing.
The game looked way too UGLY graphic wise and they turned gameplay into a cheap 3rd person turn based crap. The fighting scenes looked (I mean looked, not played) way too much like baldur's gate. I think that tried to imitate that look to have some nice screenshots but it wasn't possible with that baroque looking yellow interface. Unit animations are ugly they look like low color animated gifs. Prerendered 3d is crap if not done VERY carefully. Heroes 3's graphics were brilliant as 2d. The only reason they switched to fake 3d is, 3d is popular and 12 year old dickheads think 2d is outdated. Also the battle controls are ambigious and not responsive. The game has an isometric viewpoint. The designers may thing this enhances the realism but heroes games are never about realism. A Flat 2d strategy game that worked very well was a serious alternative to mundane strategy games which tried to look more realistic. Heroes was all about might and magic, and looked magical the old flat 2d way. On the other hand, isometric view is already far from realism, you can NEVER percieve the real world like that without perspective!

When I put Heroes 3 and 4 side by side, Heroes 3 has better graphics, better gameplay and better overall atmosphere. Heroes 4 has some nice additions to gameplay but the game itself isn't much playable and enjoyable, especially when compared to previous heroes games.

Disciples 2 was released before Heroes 4, but it looks and plays several times better. I recommend that one to all.

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